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California has an odd cycle compared to most other states.  We rarely get below freezing, and we have an extremely dry summer.  Because of this our seasons are reversed compared to what you might read elsewhere.  In the winter we sometimes even get a Christmas honey crop.  The summer is possibly the most challenging season for us because the bees run out of forage and risk starving.  Because of this natural California cycle we really like Carniolan bees.  

Carniolan bees are extremely sensitive to weather conditions.  When the nectar flow stops they will shink their numbers to avoid starving, and tend to be very hardy in our climate. We also rescue hundreds of colonies per year from our bee removal program.  This allows us to add feral genetics that strengthen our stock.

Bakersfield Bees For Sale

Bakersfield Nucleus Colony


 We have Nucleus Colonies available from May through October.  They are usually $260 each, and include a laying queen and five frames of drawn comb. (Usually 2 frames of food and three frames of brood!)  Delivery is usually $30 each. 

Bakersfield Queen Bee


 We have Carniolan queen bees available!  Our queens are usually sold from May through October.  They are $30 each.  Discounts available for bulk orders. 


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