Bakersfield Honey and Bee Products

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Almost all of our bees are from our bee rescue operation.  Whenever you buy any of our honey and other products you are helping support our dream to save the bees.  We really don't make much money off of our beekeeping operation (in fact some years keeping the bees even costs us money), so we really appreciate all the help we can get.

We start our Kern County beekeeping year in spring on the Almonds, then we go to apple pollination.  Summer we move the bees to local melons and onions!  In the fall we usually bring the bees to citrus orchards where they will stay for the winter.  

Our supply is very limited, and sells out extremely quickly!  If we are sold out when you contact us, please subscribe to our email list so you will be the first to hear about our new products!


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Bakersfield Honey and Bee Products


Bakersfield wildflower honey

 We produce raw local honey from all our commercial and rescued bees in Kern County!  Most crops don't actually produce much nectar, so we usually have Citrus and Wildflower Honey from Kern County, as well as other varieties from our other locations.

Store bought honey is cooked, strained, and some sources even add corn syrup.  This process removes pollen, and destroys a lot of the stuff that makes honey healthy and delicious.  Our honey is never cooked, and put through a coarse strainer.  This makes our honey some of the yummiest and healthiest honey you will ever taste.


Bakersfield beeswax candle

We offer 100% raw beeswax, just like the bees made it!  Wax is fantastic for candles, beauty products, and treating wood.  

We offer high quality food grade wax, and bee rescue wax.  When we harvest honey we collect the wax cappings.  These cappings are turned into our high quality food grade wax.  We also collect wax as a byproduct from our live bee rescues.  This wax is not food grade, but is much cheaper.

All wax is melted in a solar wax melter and strained twice to ensure it is as pure as possible.  


Bakersfield pollen

 Bee pollen is fantastic for helping with allergies and a wide array of other health benefits!  We offer bee pollen from all our various pollination projects throughout the year. 


Small ball of propolis

Propolis is best known for its fantastic medicinal qualities!  Our propolis is currently sold in very small quantities, so if you need some please call us to let us know.