Bakersfield Live Bee Removal

Huge colony of bees in a wall in Bakersfield!

Affordable, Reliable, and Safe Bee Removal

Bryan's Bees has been doing professional bee removal more safely, affordably, and humanely than pest control since 2012.  No job is too big or too small.  If we can reach your bees, we can remove them.  We are licensed, insured, and professional.

Every beekeeper on our staff is a bee removal specialist.  We have a rigorous training and testing program that involves beekeeping, construction, and live bee removal.  All of our techs are required to train with a mentor for a minimum of six months.  This ensures that the bees are removed safely, and that any damage required to access the hive is as minimal, and easy to repair as possible.

We’re the best resource for live bee removal in Bakersfield and the rest of Kern County. We safely collect bees without harming them, and take them to our local apiaries where they can live natural and happy lives.

Don't Call Pest Control

Poisoning hives not only kills one of our most important pollinators, but it also leaves all of the wax, pesticide, and honey behind. This can leave you with a terribly sticky, toxic, and expensive mess that will attract more bees and make your problems worse until it is all removed and dealt with properly.

Pest control companies are often not completely honest about what a bee removal costs.  Bryan used to work in pest control, and spraying the bees often costed around $200 to kill the hive, and then around $800 more to clean up the mess they made. This bee removal method eliminates a valuable natural resource, kills innocent insects needlessly, and places hazardous materials into the environment and into your home.

We are bee enthusiasts, and by using our live bee removal service you’re preserving the life of beautiful insects which are critical to our food production and ecosystems. Each bee removal project is completely unique, therefore pricing for our live bee removal service is quoted individually on a custom basis.  Contact us for a free quote and for more information about live bee removal.  

Colonies of bees grow from a brand new problem into an established problem in as little as one month, and they grow rapidly from there.  Removing the bees as soon as possible means less work for the beekeeper, an easier transition for the bees, and lower pricing for you. Contact us today to schedule a live bee removal in Bakersfield and surrounding areas.

Bakersfield Live Bee Removal


Bees flying into eaves

When bees first find a home they like, they tell all their sisters to come check it out!  This stage of honeybee reproduction is called scouting.  In these early stages, we can use a series of deterrents and bee proofing methods to ensure the bees don't move in.

Live Bee Swarm Removal

Swarm of bees on a fountain

When bees reproduce, the queen takes half the colony away to move into a new home.  The queen and her workers are called a "swarm."  If you find a swarm of bees on your property the best thing you can do is leave it alone.  Give it 2-3 days.  Sometimes the queen will just stop to rest, and after a brief time she will continue on her journey to her new home.  If the bees stick around for more than 2-3 days, or you would like us out sooner, we would love to help!

Beehive Removal/ Cut Out

Bees in attic under solar panels

Once a colony of bees has had time to establish themselves they begin storing honey and baby bees as quickly as they can.  If you remove the bees without removing the comb not only will you have baby bees continuing to hatch, but any honey remaining will melt, causing a giant sticky mess that attracts moths, roaches, rats, and eventually more bees.  The only permanent solution is to have all the bees and comb removed.  We charge $250/hr.  One story work usually takes us two hours or less.  Two story work usually takes us three hours or less.

Trap Out

Bee Trap Out

Sometimes accessing the honey comb simply isn't possible.  In these cases we can do a trap out!  We seal any entrances and exits from the colony but one.  We put a cone on the last remaining entrance/exit.  This cone works like a fish trap.  It allows the bees to leave, but not enter the colony.  As long as the colony is sealed up nice and tight they will usually leave or move into our box within a week.  If any holes are missed we have to reseal the colony and check again in a week.  We charge $150 to set up the trap out, and $100 every time we recheck the colony.  

Ever Wonder How To Remove Bees?

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