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Bee Broker and Bee Pollination Services

Bee Pollination and Bee Broker Services You Can Trust

We have been pollinating the crops of Kern County since 2013 when we brought our first four hives to Almond Pollination for $160 per hive.  We have learned a lot since then.  In agriculture your reputation means everything, and a good relationship between beekeeper and grower can last decades.  Because of this, we take our pollination and bee brokering services seriously.  No matter if you are in need of one hive for your back yard, or thousands for almond pollination, we would love to earn your business.  

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Please call us to find out more!  Even if we aren't the right fit for the job we will immediately work to find you the best beekeeper for your situation!

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Kern County Bee Pollination and Beekeeping Services

Kern County Commercial Bee Pollination

Beehives ready for pollination!

Bryan's Bees currently has around 600 hives available for bee pollination available for fruit tree pollination, vegetable pollination, and berry pollination.  All pollination agreements come with a signed contract, and an independent apiary inspection to ensure our bees are of the highest quality possible.  We have experience with almond pollination, melon pollination, apple pollination, and many other crops!

Kern County Bee Broker Services

Almond pollination

If you are a beekeeper looking for a pollination contract, or a grower looking for a beekeeper, we would love to help!  We believe relationships between beekeepers and growers are meant to last for decades, and we treat both the beekeepers and the growers accordingly.  We provide all normal bee broker activities from meeting with growers, to hive inspections, to ensure all hives have met the frame averages and minimums agreed upon.  All equipment is sterilized before each apiary inspection, and all agreements come with written contracts and accurate maps to ensure the pollination contract is completed as smoothly as possible with maximum communication.  All brokered deals are $5 per hive, and are paid for by the beekeeper.

Backyard Beekeeping

Bakersfield Back Yard Bees

Are you interested in keeping bees on your property?  We provide both back yard beekeeping services, and we provide beekeeping lessons.  Lessons are $80, and come with one on one attention from a commercial beekeeper.  Alternatively, if you don't want to keep the bees yourself, we have our back yard beekeeping service.  For a monthly fee we will bring living beehives to your property and maintain them for you.  You get 100% of the honey! 

Bee Education

Bakersfield Beekeeping Teaching

We love helping people learn about bees!  If you are interested in having someone teach your school or club about bees we would love to help!  We also love helping undergraduate and graduate level research projects!  Please let us know if you would like our help!